Randy Sattler
Rydell Collision Center

Thursday, June 08 2017, Hour 2

Randy Sattler & Kathy Lind of the Rydell GM Auto Center joined the program to talk car sales, car news and answer your all your car questions.

Listen as we talk:  (1)  Pre-Father’s Day Chevy Silverado Crew-Cab truck sales, (2)  Test-drive giveaways (an $1,800 grill) and (3) Honda Accord lease deals!

Randy talks WINDSHIELD REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT which is a common issue for any vehicle owner and specifically what’s reparable and what’s not… and the type of glass you need to make sure is installed in your vehicle.

Kathy and Randy talk “Leasing vs Buying” logic and math, don’t miss it.

Kathy Lind

Thursday, June 08 2017 – Hour 1: “I FORGIVE MYSELF SO I CAN LOVE OTHERS” — Pastor Jon Hauser

Jon Hauser
Sr Pastor
Prairie Hts Community Church
West Fargo, ND

Jon Hauser, Senior Pastor, Prairie Heights Community Church, in West Fargo joins us to talk about his recent column in the Grand Forks Herald entitled “Going Forward Through Failure

Dealing with failure is a key part of life and often defines us in a way that success does not.  Listen to his four steps to overcoming failure as a person of faith.

Wednesday, June 07 2017 — Hour 2: ARBOR PARK — Steven Schadler

Steven Schadler

Steven Schadler was a Grand Forks Park District Horticulturist from 1988 trough 2002.  He joins us to discuss the history of Arbor Park, its significance to those who built it and his estimate of the “cost” of moving Arbor Park.

Schadler also discusses his views as a horticulturist on how the City handled the move of Memorial Park when it was moved due to a development and his opinion of what today’s downtowns need to be vibrant.