Concrete miracles: Brad Vollrath

Brad Vollrath
Epoxy Flooring Systems, LLC

Brad Vollrath is a Grand Forks guy, from school at West Elementary and and Forks Central to becoming a local business owner.  He started Epoxy Flooring Systems, LLC in 2005 and has been creating miracles out of concrete ever since.  Brad joined MacTalk to talk about becoming a small business owner and the unique flooring business he owns and operates.

Tom Miller on Brian Faison’s retirement: “Forced, awkward and slimy”

Tom Miller
Grand Forks Herald

I have lots of questions surrounding the “retirement” of University of North Dakota Athletic Director Brian  — Tom Miller, Sports Reporter for the Grand Forks Herald joined the program to try to explain to me the “why’s” of this confusing story.

Roger Goddell dances & who decides if it’s ok to alter the dynamics of a community by bringing refugees?

John Lotysz

The NFL continues to try to find a way out of the box they find themselves in, John Lotysz joins me to talk about it.

Who decides when the makeup of a community will be altered?  Faith based refugee programs?  We’ll talk about that too.

Chicken Fried Steak — the Salami Swami picks games & a Celebrity Guest!

Chicken Fried Steak

The MacTalk head Chef gives you pointers on how to make great Chicken Fried Steak with gravy and then he gives you some betting advice on the Major League Baseball Playoffs and this weeks College Football slate of games.

SPECIAL GUEST BETTING CONSULTANT:  Greg Lotysz, former NFL player joins us to talk something he LOVES… football.

The Big Salami Swami
(Kim Holmes)
Greg Lotysz

Why I don’t watch the NFL and John Lotysz’s father was a laborer at Auschwitz

We talk the news headlines of the day:

— How old is too old to be a member of Congress?

— Permits for garage sales in EGF?

— Why Mac doesn’t watch the NFL

— John Lotysz grew up in Thunder Bay, his father was a member of the Polish Resistance during World War II, we’ll talk about it.

Stanley Lotysz
Working for the US Army Guarding German POW’s
Austria 1946