Concrete miracles: Brad Vollrath

Brad Vollrath
Epoxy Flooring Systems, LLC

Brad Vollrath is a Grand Forks guy, from school at West Elementary and and Forks Central to becoming a local business owner.  He started Epoxy Flooring Systems, LLC in 2005 and has been creating miracles out of concrete ever since.  Brad joined MacTalk to talk about becoming a small business owner and the unique flooring business he owns and operates.

Bruce Gjovig talks more innovation in the Bakken

Bruce Gjovig

Bruce Gjovig is no stranger to pioneering and innovation in business.  The founder of UND’s Center of Innovation joined MacTalk to discuss his latest writing project which chronicles agricultural innovation in northwest Minnesota and North Dakota.

While on the subject of innovation Bruce, a native of western North Dakota,  proudly recounts the petroleum extraction revolution that began in the Bakken which has made the United States an energy exporter and changed strategic equations for the nation. However, he’s most excited about current efforts underway in the Bakken to continue that extraction revolution by extracting a higher percentage of petroleum from the shale in the Bakken.

THE RYDALL CAR & BIKE SHOW WEDNESDAY PREVIEW: Drum Lines, Favorite Cars & Online Donations

Kathy Lind, Brian Rydell & Randy Sattler join the program to discuss this Sunday’s Rydell Car & Bike Show.  We’ll hear about some of the “other things” that will be at the show that create such a great atmosphere, we’ll take “favorite cars” that will be there and how to donate online if you can’t get there (click here).

When:  Sunday, Sept 17th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where:  Rydell Chev,  2700 South Washington St, Grand Forks, ND 58201



Terry Sando
Grand Forks EDC
Dir, UAS Sector Development

Terry Sando is the Director of UAS Sector Development at the Grand Forks Region Economic Development, he joined us to talk about the 11th Annual UAS Summit & Expo.

Terry also discusses the most exciting innovations in the world of UAS, especially in the area of agriculture and emergency operations.  The Summit takes place on August 21-23, 2017 at the Alerus Center.


Keith Lund
President, CEO
Grand Forks Economic Development Corporation

Keith Lund is the President & CEO of the Grand Forks EDC; he joined us to talk about an economic development deal that was brought to the Grand Forks City Council — J.R. Simplot’s construction of a new freezer facility north of Gateway Drive, set to open in 2019.   He explains the benefits to the City of Grand Forks as well as the costs.

ENERGY TALK: Brian Kalk of the EERC

Brian Kalk
Director of Energy Systems Development

Brian Kalk is a retired Marine Officer, a PhD, a former member of the North Dakota Public Utilities Commission and currently the Director of the EERC’s Energy Systems Development.  We’ll meet the Bottineau, ND native, learn about his career and then focus on energy.

Brian gives his thoughts on what excites him about America’s current energy position and what it will take to make coal an energy resource for the FUTURE and not just the past.

Monday, June 05 2017 – Hour 1: ARBOR PARK — Keith Lund

Keith Lund
President, CEO
Grand Forks Economic Development Corp.

Keith Lund, the incoming President and CEO of the Grand Forks Economic Development Corporation joins the program to discuss his thoughts on the Arbor Park issue as the vote approaches.

We talk Keith’s background, his role in City Government during the Flood of 1997, Arbor Park and the future of downtown Grand Forks.

Friday, June 02 2017 – Hour 2: INVESTING IN HOME & BUSINESS SECURITY — Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light

Jamie Lunski
HB Sound & Light

With burglaries in the news at an alarming rate, we asked Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light joins us to talk about securing your home or business.

Jaime is a Grand Forks resident and has built HB Sound & Light into a  strong region business, he’s also a straight shooter when it comes to securing your home or business. “Home Security” has changed immensely over the years as technology has made sensors, alarms and cameras more affordable and cell phones and the internet have brought all of these devices to the palm of your hand 24/7.