Dana Sande
GF City Council

Tuesday, June 12 2017, Hour 2

Dana Sande, President of the Grand Forks City Council, is concerned about the situation the City of Grand Forks finds itself in financially as a result of a decrease in State funding of infrastructure combined with a declining City Sales Tax.  The Bottom Line – there are dark clouds on the horizon for every local government in the state.

In a pointed interview as the vote on Arbor Park gets under way, Sande expressed frustration over what he believes are falsehoods about the “standard Renaissance Zone incentives” that apply to the Ritterman project that could be built in Arbor Park if approved and emphasized the importance of this vote for much needed tax revenue and as a message to developers that Grand Forks is business friendly.

A frank and interesting interview.


Friday, June 02 2017 – Hour 1: “ELY’S IVY” RESTAURANT — Scott Franz & Kim Holmes

Scott Franz
Ely’s Ivy

Scott Franz and Kim Holmes join the program to talk about “ELY’S IVY” — the new restaurant that will go into the “Sander’s Building” on 3rd Street in downtown Grand Forks.

A Grand Forks native and a Central High graduate, Scott and his wife Rachel will open a pub style restaurant before the end of 2017.  Listen as Scott talks about their vision for Ely’s Ivy, their road to opening a small business in downtown Grand Forks and where the idea for the name came from!


Todd Feland
City Administrator
City of Grand Forks

The City Administrator of the City of Grand Forks joined us on Monday to discuss all things Grand Forks.  The topics included:  (1)  Speed Limits, (2) rumors of an Air Force inspired round of BRAC, (3) City infrastructure, (4)  the City’s role in fighting addiction and then most interesting… (5) the future.

A very interesting discussion.

20 YEARS LATER: Scott Hennen

Scott Hennen
Partner at Bakken Beacon Media/Great Plains Media

Scott Hennen, the Host of Hot Talk on KCNN in 1997, joins MacTalk to discuss the events surrounding keeping KCNN on the air during the Flood and the key role that he and the station played in the information flow to citizens in the aftermath the Flood.

Hennen also discusses the Flood itself, the media coverage, the fierce post-flood debates, The Angel and much more.  Truly interesting stuff.

In a personal discussion, Hennen recounts Hugo Magnuson’s fine voice and singing while appearing as a guest on his 100th  Birthday and interviewing Ralph Engelstad the morning of the opening of Ralph Engelstad Arena.

You can find Scott and his broadcasts here.




David Whitesock
Chief Data Officer
Face It Together

“Solving addiction is possible in Grand Forks” David Whitesock, a native of Thompson ND and the Chief Data Officer at Face It Together stated today on MacTalk.

How?  “Grand Forks has all the pieces in place to put a community program together that will address addiction and we’re anxious to be part of that discussion” Whitesock said.  Face It Together supports communities by providing tools that solve addiction.

The most astounding piece of information that Whitesock shared in the interview was the estimated annual cost per employee of addiction to employers — a staggering $1,700 — that’s per employee, per year.   That cost has the attention of employers and bringing that number down is not only good for the community, it’s good for the bottom line of all businesses.

The community “listening session” in Grand Forks is one of the events orchestrated by Mayor Mike Brown, and will lead to the formation of a Blue Ribbon Task Force on addiction.

For more information on the April 20th meeting go to


North Dakota Statewide Initiative to Solve Addiction

Hampton Inn and Suites
2985 42nd Street South
Grand Forks, ND 58201



Ken Vein
GF City Council
Ward 7

When asked to assign the City Infrastructure a grade Ward 7 Council Member Ken Vein gave it a “C” grade  relative to the condition of its infrastructure.

Ward 7 Council Member Ken Vein join MacTalk today to  discuss infrastructure needs in Grand Forks from streets, the underpasses to off ramps, stating bluntly that the City needs to focus on infrastructure.

When asked if he had a prioritized list of infrastructure projects Vein responded “streets,” along with infrastructure related to “growth” coming second.  “It’s probably cheaper for us put in a 47th  to relieve the congestion on 32nd and leave it as the existing four lanes than it is.   It’s probably a better alternative do 47th and plan for the additional growth on the south end.”   Additionally, he discussed replacing University Avenue which has been repeatedly milled and overlayed.

If no additional sales tax is levied, the funds to do infrastructure will come from utility bills via the City Council hiking rates and special assessment for roads or you simply don’t do them.






Mike Berg
Former GFC Football Coach
Greg Lotysz
Former NFL Player

Why is the issue of “The Library” suck a contentious issue in Grand Forks?  Most communities get behind libraries without too much opposition.  Is one site what the City needs or multiple sites a more appropriate lay down?  We’ll talk about it.