Dakota Huseby

The “delicate flower” of the Grand Forks airwaves joins the program to update us on her life after Grand Forks and to talk politics.

Dakota was diagnosed with an advanced case of Muscular Sclerosis several years ago but is as opinionated as ever with strong opinions about the election of Donald Trump and the state of journalism.




Todd Feland
City Administrator
City of Grand Forks

The City Administrator for the City of Grand Forks, Todd Feland, joined us to discuss three basic questions that surround the Arbor Park issue:

(1)  What is a “Renaissance Zone Tax Benefit”?

(2)  If the development moves ahead, will the art in Arbor Park be preserved?

(3)  Is the City investing any money in this development?

Todd Feland answers these basic questions about the Arbor Park proposal that will go before the citizens of Grand Forks next week.


Dana Sande
GF City Council

Tuesday, June 12 2017, Hour 2

Dana Sande, President of the Grand Forks City Council, is concerned about the situation the City of Grand Forks finds itself in financially as a result of a decrease in State funding of infrastructure combined with a declining City Sales Tax.  The Bottom Line – there are dark clouds on the horizon for every local government in the state.

In a pointed interview as the vote on Arbor Park gets under way, Sande expressed frustration over what he believes are falsehoods about the “standard Renaissance Zone incentives” that apply to the Ritterman project that could be built in Arbor Park if approved and emphasized the importance of this vote for much needed tax revenue and as a message to developers that Grand Forks is business friendly.

A frank and interesting interview.


Friday, June 02 2017 – Hour 2: INVESTING IN HOME & BUSINESS SECURITY — Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light

Jamie Lunski
HB Sound & Light

With burglaries in the news at an alarming rate, we asked Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light joins us to talk about securing your home or business.

Jaime is a Grand Forks resident and has built HB Sound & Light into a  strong region business, he’s also a straight shooter when it comes to securing your home or business. “Home Security” has changed immensely over the years as technology has made sensors, alarms and cameras more affordable and cell phones and the internet have brought all of these devices to the palm of your hand 24/7.


John Bernstrom, a Grand Forks public information officer who fights floods with words of warning, explanation and reassurance.JOHN STENNES

Spring means it’s road construction season again.  John Bernstrom from the City of Grand Forks, Office of Public Information joins us to lay out the major construction projects they City will execute this spring and summer and how they will impact drivers.

GRAND FORKS POLICE LT DEREK ZIMMEL: Why React Publicly to Social Media Posts

Authorities warn of reports of nail-studded rope found over Grand Forks trail =========================================================

Lt. Derik Zimmel makes a phone call during a standoff with an armed man at the Budget Inn Motel, in Grand Forks, N.D. on June 15, 2016. (Meg Oliphant/Grand Forks Herald)

We talk with GFPD’s Lt Derek Zimmel about the pro’s and con’s of making public comments on news generated by social media in the wake of an incident in Grand Forks which is still awaiting a complaint to reach the GFPD. Zimmel discusses the conditions under which the Police Department should react and what’s the downside if they don’t.

BRIAN IDALSKI: The Next Step for the UND Women’s Hockey Program

Brian Idalski
UND Women’s Hockey
Head Coach

The Head Coach of the UND Women’s Hockey Team, Brian Idalski,  joined MacTalk to discuss the Team’s decision to fight UND President Mark Kennedy’s decision to terminate their program.

What’s at stake?  “If this goes away it’s not coming back and that’s a huge loss for not only the NCAA and the college hockey community, that’s a huge loss for youth players, that’s a huge loss for younger players who have aspirations of getting to this level.”

Were you shocked?  “We weren’t on the list in the fall to stand before a group and talk about these things and to say why our program is important to the University,” he continued “there was no discussion and I think that’s what’s made it hard  for our player to move on.”

What can you run the hockey program for?  “I really think I can operate a first class program at 1.3 (million dollars) .”  The Budget that UND released was $1.9 million dollars, Idalski said he didn’t really understand how UND arrived at that number.

The next step:  “That’s not my realm when it comes to finance or fundraising at that level.  I know some people have reached out and if we can make some headway and start making some gains and do that, perhaps we can sit at a table and have a conversation.”



David Whitesock
Chief Data Officer
Face It Together

“Solving addiction is possible in Grand Forks” David Whitesock, a native of Thompson ND and the Chief Data Officer at Face It Together stated today on MacTalk.

How?  “Grand Forks has all the pieces in place to put a community program together that will address addiction and we’re anxious to be part of that discussion” Whitesock said.  Face It Together supports communities by providing tools that solve addiction.

The most astounding piece of information that Whitesock shared in the interview was the estimated annual cost per employee of addiction to employers — a staggering $1,700 — that’s per employee, per year.   That cost has the attention of employers and bringing that number down is not only good for the community, it’s good for the bottom line of all businesses.

The community “listening session” in Grand Forks is one of the events orchestrated by Mayor Mike Brown, and will lead to the formation of a Blue Ribbon Task Force on addiction.

For more information on the April 20th meeting go to


North Dakota Statewide Initiative to Solve Addiction

Hampton Inn and Suites
2985 42nd Street South
Grand Forks, ND 58201


UPDATE: Monique Lamoureux On The USWNT’s Historic Contract Agreement With USA Hockey

Monique Lamoureux
US Wonen’s National Team

Monique Lamoureux joined Mike McNamara tonight for a SPECIAL UPDATE after the historic four-year agreement between the United States Women’s National Hockey Team and USA Hockey which will allow the Women’s Team to compete in the 2017 IIHF World Championship that begins this Friday.

Monique talks about the pride they felt as the Nation embraced their struggle, the support of former players, college and high school players and the feeling when 16 U.S. Senators publicly supported them.