The Big Salami Swami makes his debut

The Big Salami Swami
(Kim Holmes)

The MacTalk Head Chef is Kim Holmes, he makes his debut in an exciting new feature where he’ll pick sports games and you should know, he’s not a novice.

We’ll discuss the upcoming Grand Forks Sales Tax initiative and glasses that assist colorblind people see in FULL COLOR!  The company is called Enchroma and you can find the product here.


ERIK FABIAN: “Our athletes want to fight, that’s what we want to do”

Erik Fabian
Asst Coach
UND Women’s Hockey

Erik Fabian, the Assistant Coach of the UND Women’s Hockey Team joined MacTalk today to discuss the aftermath of the University’s decision to drop women’s hockey.

“Our athletes want to fight, so that’s what we want to do” Fabian said.  He spoke of the challenge that was in front of them “We’re here for our players.  We will fight with them and  beside them, we will do it respectfully, we’ll do it professionally and we want to get this done.  That is something that is definitely near and dear to all of us here. We always talk about being a family, once a family always a family.  We will never end the fight.”

His message for UND Hockey fans is simple, sign our petition.

UPDATE: Monique Lamoureux On The USWNT’s Historic Contract Agreement With USA Hockey

Monique Lamoureux
US Wonen’s National Team

Monique Lamoureux joined Mike McNamara tonight for a SPECIAL UPDATE after the historic four-year agreement between the United States Women’s National Hockey Team and USA Hockey which will allow the Women’s Team to compete in the 2017 IIHF World Championship that begins this Friday.

Monique talks about the pride they felt as the Nation embraced their struggle, the support of former players, college and high school players and the feeling when 16 U.S. Senators publicly supported them.


Joselyne Lamoureux
US Wonen’s National Team

UPDATED, 9:15 A.M., March 18, 2017:  USA Hockey issued an “Update On Women’s National Team Issues” at 4:15 CDT Friday.  In the statement,  Dave Ogrean, Executive Director of USA Hockey states “We remain committed to having the players that were selected to represent the U.S. in the upcoming women’s world championship to be the players that are on the ice when the tournament begins.” The  statement went on “USA Hockey is contacting legal representatives of the players to have further conversations in an attempt to resolve the matter.”  The balance of the statement is an explanation of USA Hockey’s position relative to the issues brought to light by the Women’s Nation Team announcement that they would not participate in the 2017 IIHF World Championships unless gender equity was addressed relative to their program.

U.S. Women’s National Team Alternate Captain and Grand Forks native Monique Lamoureux joined Mike McNamara to offer a response from the members of the Women’s National Team.  In her response, Lamoureux makes three basic points: (1) the USWNT is not sure where USA Hockey is getting the numbers that they publicizing, but they are inaccurate to the point of being laughable, (2) the USWNT has the support of all USWNT pool players, college hockey coaches and players and therefore fielding a team for the 2017 World Championships (that USA Hockey will host) will be nearly impossible and (3) the USWNT players remain hopeful that progress can be made so that they can represent the nation at the World Championships and are waiting for USA Hockey to sit down and begin substantive negotiations.

UND vs. SCSU PREDICTION: Brad Elliot Schlossman

Brad E. Schlossman
Hockey Writer
Grand Forks Herald

Brad E. Schlossman joined Mac to discuss and predict this weekend’s UND vs St Cloud State NCHC Playoff Hockey Series.

We’ll learn a bit about his background, his time at the Herald and then get his analysis on how the teams are playing of late, how healthy both teams are and the impact that defenseman Will Borgen’s  suspension will have on SCSU.



Jody Hodgson
General Manager
Ralph Engelstad Arena

Jody Hodgson, General Manager of Ralph Englestad Arena, joins us with an update on ticket sales for the opening round series of the NCHC Playoffs that has UND taking on St Cloud State.  We talk how ticket sales went today along with when single game and unpurchased student tickets will go on sale.

Jody is also involved in Grand Forks youth hockey and commented on the quality of youth and high school hockey that gets played in the GF/EGF area with such great success in recent years.


Dane Jackson
Associate Head Coach
UND Men’s Hockey

DANE JACKSON, Associate Head Coach UND Men’s Hockey, joined us to discuss the Fighting Hawk’s sweep of Miami, the late night fire alarm and Cam Johnson’s well prepared exit from the hotel that night.