Bill Chase talks coping with youth suicide

Bill Chase
Counselor, South Middle School
Head Coach, Red River HS Varsity Hockey Team

Lot’s of parents struggle with how to approach youth suicide when it rocks a community.  Bill Chase is a longtime counselor in the Grand Forks School District and South Middle School, he joined us to talk about some basic advice for parents as they attempt to broach such a delicate subject.

Bill also recommended this website that contains guidance specifically for parents addressing the issue of suicide with their children.


Sandy Kovar
Co-Founder, TEARS

Sandy Kovar, co-founder of the Altru Health System suicide awareness and prevention program Together We Educate About the Reality of Suicide  (TEARS) joins us to talk about mental health in our community.  Sandy discusses the need to talk about suicide in order to bring it out of the shadows and into the light of day in order to help individuals and families deal with and accept mental health issues as a normal part of one’s healthcare.

Sandy addresses questions about:

(1)  What age can suicide be discussed with family members?

(2)  The frustration of failing to prevent suicide.

(3)  Things to avoid saying when a family deals with suicide.

(4)  Living with suicide as a parent.

A GREAT INTERVIEW with a member of our community who has dedicated herself to preventing suicide.


Bill Chase
Counselor, South Middle School
Head Coach, Red River HS Varsity Hockey Team

South Middle School Counselor Bill Chase joined the program today to discuss suicide and counseling students about suicide and mental health issues.

Bill is always candid in his passion for open communication between parents and students, teachers and students and between students themselves because we all need to know someone cares “sometimes that’s all it takes” Chase stated.  Mental health issues in general and suicide in particular are issues that most parents and children don’t enjoy discussing but are necessary to open the door for problem solving during life’s difficult times.