BRET WEBER EXPLAINS: I was wrong about Arbor Park

Bret Weber
Grand Fork City Council Member

Thursday, June 15 2017, Hour 1

Bret Weber, Grand Forks City Councilman, joined the program to discuss his initial support for the proponents of Arbor Park and his subsequent Letter to the Editor of the Grand Forks Herald entitled “I was wrong about Arbor Park” that appeared in the Herald today.

Weber lays out the case for growing business in a city with an abundance of green space as well as his decision to publicly modify his stance.

Wednesday, June 07 2017 — Hour 2: ARBOR PARK — Ken Vein

Ken Vein
GF City Council
Ward 7

Grand Forks City Council Member Ken Vein joined us today to discuss the Arbor Park issue and his hopes for the vote.  While Ken was on we also discussed his thoughts relative to 20 years after the Flood of 1997 — Ken was the City Engineer at the time and on of the “Tri-Chairs” who made critical decisions in the aftermath of the flood.

Vein discusses his thoughts on downtown development and what it means for Grand Forks to be “open for business.”


TUESDAY, MAY 30 2017 – Hour 1: Mac talks Memorial Day – & – Mike Berg and Greg Lotysz join the Roundtable

Mike Berg & Greg Lotysz

00:00:  Mac talks Memorial Day, the phrase “Happy Memorial Day” and inspirational events from the weekend.

00:30:  ROUNDTABLE — Greg Lotysz & Mike Berg join the program to talk teaching about Memorial Day and current events.

NCAA PLAYOFF HOCKEY: Brad Schlossman Talks Brackets, Winners and Grand Forks Herald Coverage This Week

Brad E. Schlossman
Hockey Writer
Grand Forks Herald

NCAA PLAYOFF HOCKEY TALK: Brad Elliott Schlossman joins us to talk brackets and favorites, along with the latest news from the teams involved in this years NCAA Hockey Tournament as we follow the University of North Dakota Men’s Hockey Team to the NCAA Western Regional in Scheels Arena in Fargo.


Monique & Jocelyne Lamoureux

ESPN Report:  “The U.S. women’s national hockey team said Wednesday that it will not participate in the IIHF World Championship beginning on March 31 in Plymouth, Michigan, citing more than a year of stalled negotiations with USA Hockey to secure what players consider fair wages and support.”

Grand Forks natives Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux join us to discuss why U.S. National Team players feel their stance is appropriate at this time.  Former New Yorks Jets offensive lineman Greg Lotysz also joins the discussion as we explore how women are compensated differently than men are by USA Hockey.

An eye opening interview that leaves many questions at the feet of the leadership of USA Hockey.

UND vs. SCSU PREDICTION: Brad Elliot Schlossman

Brad E. Schlossman
Hockey Writer
Grand Forks Herald

Brad E. Schlossman joined Mac to discuss and predict this weekend’s UND vs St Cloud State NCHC Playoff Hockey Series.

We’ll learn a bit about his background, his time at the Herald and then get his analysis on how the teams are playing of late, how healthy both teams are and the impact that defenseman Will Borgen’s  suspension will have on SCSU.


REVENGE PORN: Mike Berg & Greg Lotysz

Mike Berg
Former GFC Football Coach
Greg Lotysz
Former NFL Player

REVENGE PORN — a serious subject that is often in the news.  The Marine Corps is facing a controversy over a Facebook page devoted to images of female Marines posted without their consent that had over 30,000 followers.  Mike Berg has been involved in “Boys to Men,” a CVIC Program that addresses revenge porn and sexting.  A very interesting discussion.