Mark Walker talks Pedestrian Underpasses in Grand Forks

Mark Walker, the Assistant City Engineer for the City of Grand Forks joins us to discuss the criteria for a Pedestrian Underpass and the history of underpasses in the City; as well as the complexities of the site of the proposed underpass near 40th Avenue South in Grand Forks and funding options available to the City to include “special assessing” the project.

Ross Pape discusses Winter Trucking; Susan McNamara discusses our late Sister

ROSS PAPE, EGF Farmer and US Army Veteran of the Iraq War joins us to talk about LIFE… that’s right… LIFE.

Susan Frenzel McNamara, Mac’s youngest sister, joins the program to discuss the Sister Maureen who passed away three years ago… who’s birthday
is today.

Greg Lotysz and Mac talk dodgeball and low self esteem

Greg Lotysz joins us for an hour to talk about felony charges that resulted from a fight in a gym class in Wisconsin — prompted by DODGEBALL.   Here’s a link to the story in the Herald: