Bob Rost
Sheriff, GF County

June 14, 2017, Hour 1

Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost joined MacTalk to discuss drugs and crime that might be associated with drug use.  Is there a change afoot in the area?

As our interview wound down and we began discussing the danger of ATV’s, traffic fines in North Dakota (he thinks they’re a joke) and his personal future after his term expires in 2018, Rost plainly stated the following “I’m going to run for County Commission I think.”


AREA DRUG & CRIME TRENDS: Chief Mike Hedlund, Lt Derik Zimmel & Sheriff Bob Rost

June 14, 2017, Hour 1

Is illegal drug use increasing in the Grand Forks – East Grand Forks area?  Is crime increasing due to increased drug use in the area? Or, are the numbers using drugs the same and we’re reading about them more because of the powerful nature of the drugs they are using?

We ask three longtime area law enforcement officers about their observations on drug use and crime, is it changing?  Here’s what they had to say.

BREAKING NEWS:  Bob Rost plans to run for a County Commissioner seat.

Chief Mike Hedlund,
EGF Police Department
Derik Zimmel
Bob Rost
Sheriff, GF County



Friday, June 02 2017 – Hour 2: INVESTING IN HOME & BUSINESS SECURITY — Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light

Jamie Lunski
HB Sound & Light

With burglaries in the news at an alarming rate, we asked Jamie Lunski of HB Sound & Light joins us to talk about securing your home or business.

Jaime is a Grand Forks resident and has built HB Sound & Light into a  strong region business, he’s also a straight shooter when it comes to securing your home or business. “Home Security” has changed immensely over the years as technology has made sensors, alarms and cameras more affordable and cell phones and the internet have brought all of these devices to the palm of your hand 24/7.