Jon Holth

Jon Holth was an outspoken advocate for developing Arbor Park. In the aftermath of the election he is talking about a Grand Art Plan for downtown Grand Forks, the necessity for such a plan and why it makes sense.

Holth, the co-owner of the Toasted Frog Restaurants that are located in Grand Forks, Fargo and Bismarck also discusses his recently announced position as interim president and CEO of the the Downtown Community Partnership in Fargo.

THE FISHING REPORT: Greg Lotysz & Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson

Friday, June 09 2017, Hour 2

Summer is here and fishing on the Red River is in full swing.  Bruce Nelson joins us to bring us up to date on the latest news from the Red River Valley Catfish Club, their  leagues and robust level of participation they’re experiencing this year.

Red River and Devils Lake fisherman Greg Lotysz talks pointers for fathers to get their kids fishing which can be a lifelong hobby.

Let’s talk fishing!  Great stuff from two local fishermen and community leaders.

Greg Lotysz


Kim Holmes
Official Chef
of MacTalk

Friday, June 09 2017, Hour 1

The MacTalk Head Chef Kim Holmes joins us to talk (1) WHAT MAKES A GREAT TACO AND (2) SHISH KEBAB… a favorite summer… and favorite ingredients to include in TACO IN A BAG!

SHISH KEBAB — what kind of beef, chicken,  pork or even fish?  Favorite marinade?  Vegetables & fruits?  Cooking instructions?

We cover it all!

Friday, June 02 2017 – Hour 1: “ELY’S IVY” RESTAURANT — Scott Franz & Kim Holmes

Scott Franz
Ely’s Ivy

Scott Franz and Kim Holmes join the program to talk about “ELY’S IVY” — the new restaurant that will go into the “Sander’s Building” on 3rd Street in downtown Grand Forks.

A Grand Forks native and a Central High graduate, Scott and his wife Rachel will open a pub style restaurant before the end of 2017.  Listen as Scott talks about their vision for Ely’s Ivy, their road to opening a small business in downtown Grand Forks and where the idea for the name came from!


Mac & Kim Holmes

In a wide ranging conversation Kim Holmes and Mac discuss (1) drinking tequila on Cinco de Mayo, (2) Kim’s longtime desire for a downtown grocery store in Grand Forks, (3) the opening of Paola’s Bakery in downtown Grand Forks and finally… (4) taking your grill out of hibernation and bringing it back to life for the year!

BECOME A GRILL MASTER: Kim Holmes Tells You EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Kim Holmes
Head Chef
MacTalk Cafeteria

The ALL MARINE RADIO Chef, Kim Holmes, gives you the BEST advice you’ll ever need about grilling.  If you’ve always wanted to be a GREAT griller then is advice you need

THE PREP:  meat selection, bringing meat to room temperature, oiling and seasoning.

Setting up your grill:  both direct heat and indirect heat will be required for the PERFECT steak.

Searing:  why it’s important to sear and how you do it.  How to cook the exterior of the steak to perfection and this won’t take long!  Once seared, we move the steak to “indirect heat” (no flame underneath) for the duration of it’s time on the grill.

Using a Meat Thermometer:  ESSENTIAL to the process!  With a BLUETOOTH digital meat thermometer and the associated app on your cellphone, all you do is select the meat (or poultry, fish etc) and the desired endstate (rare, medium rare etc) and you’re done.  Your phone gets warnings and monitors the internal temperature of the steak!  It’s a think of beauty.

Listen to the full interview in order and NEVER mess up grilling again.

Bon appetite!