Bruce Gjovig talks more innovation in the Bakken

Bruce Gjovig

Bruce Gjovig is no stranger to pioneering and innovation in business.  The founder of UND’s Center of Innovation joined MacTalk to discuss his latest writing project which chronicles agricultural innovation in northwest Minnesota and North Dakota.

While on the subject of innovation Bruce, a native of western North Dakota,  proudly recounts the petroleum extraction revolution that began in the Bakken which has made the United States an energy exporter and changed strategic equations for the nation. However, he’s most excited about current efforts underway in the Bakken to continue that extraction revolution by extracting a higher percentage of petroleum from the shale in the Bakken.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN GRAND FORKS: Brian Schill, VP at Praxis Strategy Group

Mark Schill
Vice President
Praxis Strategy Group

Grand Forks native and UND graduate Mark Schill, Vice President at Praxis Strategy Group joins us to talk development in Grand Forks.  We talk the following:

(1) Evolve Grand Forks update

(2) The influence of Bruce Gjovig on business development in Grand Forks

(3)  The importance the “downtown” of a city

(4)  Footnote the economic recovery of the Flood of 1997 (the Missile & Bomber Wings BOTH departed too!)

(5)  The Housing Task Force

(6)  Arbor Park


UND Center for Innovation CEO Bruce Gjovig speaks to a packed room at the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center during a retirement celebration for Gjovig who’s retiring at the end of April. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Bruce Gjovig, the recently retired leader of UND’s Center for Innovation, joined MacTalk to discuss his career as the founder and builder of the Center and it’s noteworthy achievements over the course of over thirty years.

In an incredible interview, Bruce discusses Tom Clifford’s influence in the creation of the Center, its initial funding, the Flood of 1997, the creation of the Center’s Foundation and the role James Ray played in expanding the Center.

Bruce also discusses how was the Center for Innovation is funded, if he was asked to steer the Center in a new direction by the new UND Administration and how his termination was handled by the University.

From growing up on a farm/ranch near Crosby, ND to leading UND’s Center for Innovation for three decades, Bruce Gjovig built a self-sufficient organization with the soul of an entrepreneur.  He’s not done yet either.  A GREAT INTERVIEW.