Tom Miller on Brian Faison’s retirement: “Forced, awkward and slimy”

Tom Miller
Grand Forks Herald

I have lots of questions surrounding the “retirement” of University of North Dakota Athletic Director Brian  — Tom Miller, Sports Reporter for the Grand Forks Herald joined the program to try to explain to me the “why’s” of this confusing story.

BRET WEBER EXPLAINS: I was wrong about Arbor Park

Bret Weber
Grand Fork City Council Member

Thursday, June 15 2017, Hour 1

Bret Weber, Grand Forks City Councilman, joined the program to discuss his initial support for the proponents of Arbor Park and his subsequent Letter to the Editor of the Grand Forks Herald entitled “I was wrong about Arbor Park” that appeared in the Herald today.

Weber lays out the case for growing business in a city with an abundance of green space as well as his decision to publicly modify his stance.

Thursday, June 08 2017 – Hour 1: “I FORGIVE MYSELF SO I CAN LOVE OTHERS” — Pastor Jon Hauser

Jon Hauser
Sr Pastor
Prairie Hts Community Church
West Fargo, ND

Jon Hauser, Senior Pastor, Prairie Heights Community Church, in West Fargo joins us to talk about his recent column in the Grand Forks Herald entitled “Going Forward Through Failure

Dealing with failure is a key part of life and often defines us in a way that success does not.  Listen to his four steps to overcoming failure as a person of faith.

Thursday, June 01 2017 – Hour 2: GODLY, EFFECTIVE LEADERS — Jon Hauser

Jon Hauser
Senior Pastor
Prairie Heights Community Church
West Fargo, ND

Jon Hauser, Senior Pastor, Prairie Heights Community Church, in West Fargo joins us to talk about his recent column in the Grand Forks Herald entitled “When Jesus told his disciples they were to be salt, light

A delightful conversation with an insightful thinker and a wonderful writer.  “Leadership” becomes a large part of the discussion when we talk about the following paragraph from the article: “I am 100 percent convinced the greatest need in North Dakota is not social systems, political policy, economic escalation in oil or commodity pricing, or even educational excellence. While each of these is important, the greatest need in North Dakota is Godly, effective leaders grounded in and humbly following our Creator.



Tom Miller
Sports Writer
Grand Forks Herald

Tom Miller joined Mike McNamara to discuss yesterday’s historic press conference at UND which eliminated Women’s Ice Hockey.   Here are some of the questions Tom addresses:

Was the “Armageddon Option” the only way to do this?  How do other programs afford Women’s Ice Hockey?  Was there no middle ground?

Can a “mid-major” program afford women’s ice hockey?   Was notifying the Conference, then the donors and finally the players the right thing to do?

Why was there no empirical evidence passed out at the press conference?

Why didn’t President Kennedy own the decision to end the woman’s hockey program?


Mike Jacobs
The Onlooker

The former Editor and Publisher of the Grand Forks Herald joined Mac and discussed the repeal of The Fairness Doctrine (a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced); his respect and confidence for the workings of our Republic and the current crankiness of elected officials whose job it is to fund education at all levels.

Jacobs also recounts a protest in front of the UND ROTC Building after the Kent State Shootings in 1970.  Mike was responsible for leading a portion of the protest when Tom Clifford, who was then the Dean of the School of Business, helped defuse the situation.  Mike recounts the particulars and Clifford’s gift for treating everyone with respect and navigating difficult situations.

A great piece of articulate discourse.



NCAA PLAYOFF HOCKEY: Brad Schlossman Talks Brackets, Winners and Grand Forks Herald Coverage This Week

Brad E. Schlossman
Hockey Writer
Grand Forks Herald

NCAA PLAYOFF HOCKEY TALK: Brad Elliott Schlossman joins us to talk brackets and favorites, along with the latest news from the teams involved in this years NCAA Hockey Tournament as we follow the University of North Dakota Men’s Hockey Team to the NCAA Western Regional in Scheels Arena in Fargo.

MKE JACOBS: Journalism, ND State Politics and the Future of Grand Forks

Mike Jacobs
The Onlooker

MIKE JACOBS, the former Editor and Publisher of the Grand Forks Herald joins MacTalk for an hour discussion on journalism, North Dakota State politics and the future of Grand Forks. ALWAYS an interesting guest.

AND… although Mike loves Grand Forks he’s “pessimistic” about the short-term future of the City… find out why an informed man holds that opinion.


Ryan Bakken
Grand Forks Herald

Ryan Bakken, long-time reporter and columnist at the Grand Forks Herald joined us to discuss journalism, where he gets his news from and what concerns him about TV journalism.

In a day and age where the words “news” and “reporter” mean many things to many people, Ryan discusses the terms the way a professional journalist views them. An insightful discussion from a news pro who always has a unique way of looking at things.  GREAT STUFF!!!!