Mike Berg & Greg Lotysz

PART 1:  Greg Lotysz and Mike Berg are both community leaders.  They joined the program to talk about the events in Charlottesville, the media and the 1st Amendment.

PART 2:  We talk UND Football and how much the pre-season phase of college football has changed over the years.


THE FISHING REPORT: Greg Lotysz & Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson

Friday, June 09 2017, Hour 2

Summer is here and fishing on the Red River is in full swing.  Bruce Nelson joins us to bring us up to date on the latest news from the Red River Valley Catfish Club, their  leagues and robust level of participation they’re experiencing this year.

Red River and Devils Lake fisherman Greg Lotysz talks pointers for fathers to get their kids fishing which can be a lifelong hobby.

Let’s talk fishing!  Great stuff from two local fishermen and community leaders.

Greg Lotysz

TUESDAY, MAY 30 2017 – Hour 1: Mac talks Memorial Day – & – Mike Berg and Greg Lotysz join the Roundtable

Mike Berg & Greg Lotysz

00:00:  Mac talks Memorial Day, the phrase “Happy Memorial Day” and inspirational events from the weekend.

00:30:  ROUNDTABLE — Greg Lotysz & Mike Berg join the program to talk teaching about Memorial Day and current events.