Why I don’t watch the NFL and John Lotysz’s father was a laborer at Auschwitz

We talk the news headlines of the day:

— How old is too old to be a member of Congress?

— Permits for garage sales in EGF?

— Why Mac doesn’t watch the NFL

— John Lotysz grew up in Thunder Bay, his father was a member of the Polish Resistance during World War II, we’ll talk about it.

Stanley Lotysz
Working for the US Army Guarding German POW’s
Austria 1946

The Big Salami Swami makes his debut

The Big Salami Swami
(Kim Holmes)

The MacTalk Head Chef is Kim Holmes, he makes his debut in an exciting new feature where he’ll pick sports games and you should know, he’s not a novice.

We’ll discuss the upcoming Grand Forks Sales Tax initiative and glasses that assist colorblind people see in FULL COLOR!  The company is called Enchroma and you can find the product here.



Kim Holmes
Head Chef
MacTalk Cafe

Kim Holmes joined us to talk a little food history on this Bastille Day.

– Did you know that French Toast is not a French invention?

– Did you know that Italian sausage was an invention that sought to preserve meat in the warm Italian climate?

– Did you know that the Caesar Salad was invented in Tijuana, Mexico?

FOOD HISTORY… who knew it was so interesting?!


Kim Holmes
Head Chef
MacTalk Cafe

The MacTalk Head Chef joined to discuss the wonders of the Avocado and how to cook great walleye.  

Kim Holmes makes us smart about how to pick avocados out of a pile, how to ripen them after you get them home and his favorite uses of one of the world’s great fruits (that’s right, the avocado is a fruit!) and a couple of tricks to preserve it after you’ve used avocados to make guacamole.

We also discuss preparing one of the upper Midwest’s great regional treats:  WALLEYE.  Kim discusses his preference for Wondra Flour over All Purpose Flour when preparing walleye and how to cook it.