Roger Goddell dances & who decides if it’s ok to alter the dynamics of a community by bringing refugees?

John Lotysz

The NFL continues to try to find a way out of the box they find themselves in, John Lotysz joins me to talk about it.

Who decides when the makeup of a community will be altered?  Faith based refugee programs?  We’ll talk about that too.

Why I don’t watch the NFL and John Lotysz’s father was a laborer at Auschwitz

We talk the news headlines of the day:

— How old is too old to be a member of Congress?

— Permits for garage sales in EGF?

— Why Mac doesn’t watch the NFL

— John Lotysz grew up in Thunder Bay, his father was a member of the Polish Resistance during World War II, we’ll talk about it.

Stanley Lotysz
Working for the US Army Guarding German POW’s
Austria 1946

John Lotysz is fighting prostate cancer, he has a message for you

John Lotysz

John Lotysz formed half of “The Low Down” radio show that aired on KNOX-AM in Grand Forks with the other half being his son Greg.  John joined MacTalk to discuss his fight with prostate cancer and to give every man some advice relative to prostate health.

With the mass shooting in Las Vegas so recent in our memory, we’ll talk to John (an avid gun owner and hunter) about his thoughts on current discussions about new gun legislation.


Mike Berg talks NFL protests & UND Football after two big losses, what’s next?

Mike Berg
Former Football Coach
Grand Forks Central HS

Coach Berg joins us to talk about the controversy surrounding national anthem protests in the NFL and UND (1-3) Football after two big losses, including an opening Conference loss to Montana State last Saturday in the Alerus Center 49-21.  We’ll talk to the former Grand Forks Central coach about what to do with so many injuries so early in the season.

REVENGE PORN: Mike Berg & Greg Lotysz

Mike Berg
Former GFC Football Coach
Greg Lotysz
Former NFL Player

REVENGE PORN — a serious subject that is often in the news.  The Marine Corps is facing a controversy over a Facebook page devoted to images of female Marines posted without their consent that had over 30,000 followers.  Mike Berg has been involved in “Boys to Men,” a CVIC Program that addresses revenge porn and sexting.  A very interesting discussion.