Grand Forks police officers detain a man near the Ralph Engelstad Arena a few blocks east of an apartment complex where two people were stabbed Monday morning. The man allegedly broke into the apartment where the stabbings occurred Tuesday morning.
photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Lt Brett Johnson provides an update on a story the Grand Forks Herald updated this morning.

AREA DRUG & CRIME TRENDS: Chief Mike Hedlund, Lt Derik Zimmel & Sheriff Bob Rost

June 14, 2017, Hour 1

Is illegal drug use increasing in the Grand Forks – East Grand Forks area?  Is crime increasing due to increased drug use in the area? Or, are the numbers using drugs the same and we’re reading about them more because of the powerful nature of the drugs they are using?

We ask three longtime area law enforcement officers about their observations on drug use and crime, is it changing?  Here’s what they had to say.

BREAKING NEWS:  Bob Rost plans to run for a County Commissioner seat.

Chief Mike Hedlund,
EGF Police Department
Derik Zimmel
Bob Rost
Sheriff, GF County



THE RYDELL GUYS: Randy Sattler & Ray Franks

Ray Franks
Rydell Automotive Group

Randy Sattler
Rydell Collision Center

After seven years (Mac went to Afghanistan) the “Rydell Guys” rejoin MacTalk to catch up a bit and to talk car.  The Guys talk “20 Year Later” — thoughts about the Flood of 1997 and the pride they have in the Community which has worked so hard to come back for such an incredible disaster.

Car questions:

(1)  Most common accident seen by the Rydell Collision Center?

(2)  Can someone Rydell help me with all the technology that is inside my new vehicle?

(2)  Should I bother getting a crack in my windshield fixed?

(3)  If my car has to be towed, should I request a “flat bed” rig to tow it?

GRAND FORKS POLICE LT DEREK ZIMMEL: Why React Publicly to Social Media Posts

Authorities warn of reports of nail-studded rope found over Grand Forks trail =========================================================

Lt. Derik Zimmel makes a phone call during a standoff with an armed man at the Budget Inn Motel, in Grand Forks, N.D. on June 15, 2016. (Meg Oliphant/Grand Forks Herald)

We talk with GFPD’s Lt Derek Zimmel about the pro’s and con’s of making public comments on news generated by social media in the wake of an incident in Grand Forks which is still awaiting a complaint to reach the GFPD. Zimmel discusses the conditions under which the Police Department should react and what’s the downside if they don’t.