Dana Sande
GF City Council

Tuesday, June 12 2017, Hour 2

Dana Sande, President of the Grand Forks City Council, is concerned about the situation the City of Grand Forks finds itself in financially as a result of a decrease in State funding of infrastructure combined with a declining City Sales Tax.  The Bottom Line – there are dark clouds on the horizon for every local government in the state.

In a pointed interview as the vote on Arbor Park gets under way, Sande expressed frustration over what he believes are falsehoods about the “standard Renaissance Zone incentives” that apply to the Ritterman project that could be built in Arbor Park if approved and emphasized the importance of this vote for much needed tax revenue and as a message to developers that Grand Forks is business friendly.

A frank and interesting interview.


20 YEARS LATER: Steve Wasvick

Steve Wasvick
Bergstrom Electric
President, Grand Fork Planning & Zoning Commission

Steve Wasvick, Bergstrom Electric’s Branch Manager in Grand Forks and the President of the Grand Forks Planning and Zoning Commission joins us to discuss the work he did leading up to the Flood of 1997 and the then the work during the Flood and Post-Flood.  Steve represents the huge number of contractors that worked tirelessly for months without days off to restore services to citizens in need.