The Big Salami Swami makes his debut

The Big Salami Swami
(Kim Holmes)

The MacTalk Head Chef is Kim Holmes, he makes his debut in an exciting new feature where he’ll pick sports games and you should know, he’s not a novice.

We’ll discuss the upcoming Grand Forks Sales Tax initiative and glasses that assist colorblind people see in FULL COLOR!  The company is called Enchroma and you can find the product here.



Terry Bjerke

My former Grand Forks City Council colleague Terry Bjerke joined the program to talk the prospects of a new sales tax discussion in Grand Forks. Terry is no stranger to the the details of this discussion and walks us through what he believes to be the basics of the any substantive discussion on additional revenue for the City:

  1. ASSUMPTION:  Declining City Sales Tax Revenue & declining State Infrastructure Funding will both return to “historically normal” levels within five years
  2. REVIEW & DEFINE RESERVES HELD IN THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS:   Loan & Stabilization, Economic Development, JDA, Cash Carryover
  3. DEFINE INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS TO BE FUNDED:  a finite prioritized list of those projects to be funded by additional taxes levied on the citizens of Grand Forks

With these fiscal pieces in place, Terry believes an empirically based debate can be held on the size and length of additional taxes that the City may need to levy on the citizens of Grand Forks.