Terry Sando
Grand Forks EDC
Dir, UAS Sector Development

Terry Sando is the Director of UAS Sector Development at the Grand Forks Region Economic Development, he joined us to talk about the 11th Annual UAS Summit & Expo.

Terry also discusses the most exciting innovations in the world of UAS, especially in the area of agriculture and emergency operations.  The Summit takes place on August 21-23, 2017 at the Alerus Center.

2018 OLYMPIC TRAINING UPDATE & ESPN “THE BODY ISSUE”: Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson
US Women’s National Team

Grand Forks native and US Women’s National Team star forward Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson joined MacTalk to update us on National Team training for the 2018 Olympic Games, her personal post-Olympic plans and whether she’ll continue to play and what it was like to appear on ESPN’s “The Body” issue.

Always a gracious guest, Jocelyne is a national leader and star in the world of women’s hockey and a great guest.


Mark Jendrysik
Professor of Pol Sci
University of North Dakota

Mark Jendrysik, Professor of Political Science & Public Administration at the University of North Dakota joins us to talk about whether the nation has outgrown its need for political parties or if they still contribute to furthering the common good.


Brad Berry
Head Coach
UND Hockey

Tuesday, June 13 2017, Hour 1: Brad Berry joined the program to talk about the just completed Stanley Cup Playoff, Carter Rowney’s path as an undrafted free agent  to becoming a Stanley Cup winner, leadership and the life of UND legend Gordon “Ginny” Christian who passed away last week in Warroad MN.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN GRAND FORKS: Brian Schill, VP at Praxis Strategy Group

Mark Schill
Vice President
Praxis Strategy Group

Grand Forks native and UND graduate Mark Schill, Vice President at Praxis Strategy Group joins us to talk development in Grand Forks.  We talk the following:

(1) Evolve Grand Forks update

(2) The influence of Bruce Gjovig on business development in Grand Forks

(3)  The importance the “downtown” of a city

(4)  Footnote the economic recovery of the Flood of 1997 (the Missile & Bomber Wings BOTH departed too!)

(5)  The Housing Task Force

(6)  Arbor Park


UND Center for Innovation CEO Bruce Gjovig speaks to a packed room at the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center during a retirement celebration for Gjovig who’s retiring at the end of April. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Bruce Gjovig, the recently retired leader of UND’s Center for Innovation, joined MacTalk to discuss his career as the founder and builder of the Center and it’s noteworthy achievements over the course of over thirty years.

In an incredible interview, Bruce discusses Tom Clifford’s influence in the creation of the Center, its initial funding, the Flood of 1997, the creation of the Center’s Foundation and the role James Ray played in expanding the Center.

Bruce also discusses how was the Center for Innovation is funded, if he was asked to steer the Center in a new direction by the new UND Administration and how his termination was handled by the University.

From growing up on a farm/ranch near Crosby, ND to leading UND’s Center for Innovation for three decades, Bruce Gjovig built a self-sufficient organization with the soul of an entrepreneur.  He’s not done yet either.  A GREAT INTERVIEW.



BRIAN IDALSKI: The Next Step for the UND Women’s Hockey Program

Brian Idalski
UND Women’s Hockey
Head Coach

The Head Coach of the UND Women’s Hockey Team, Brian Idalski,  joined MacTalk to discuss the Team’s decision to fight UND President Mark Kennedy’s decision to terminate their program.

What’s at stake?  “If this goes away it’s not coming back and that’s a huge loss for not only the NCAA and the college hockey community, that’s a huge loss for youth players, that’s a huge loss for younger players who have aspirations of getting to this level.”

Were you shocked?  “We weren’t on the list in the fall to stand before a group and talk about these things and to say why our program is important to the University,” he continued “there was no discussion and I think that’s what’s made it hard  for our player to move on.”

What can you run the hockey program for?  “I really think I can operate a first class program at 1.3 (million dollars) .”  The Budget that UND released was $1.9 million dollars, Idalski said he didn’t really understand how UND arrived at that number.

The next step:  “That’s not my realm when it comes to finance or fundraising at that level.  I know some people have reached out and if we can make some headway and start making some gains and do that, perhaps we can sit at a table and have a conversation.”


ERIK FABIAN: “Our athletes want to fight, that’s what we want to do”

Erik Fabian
Asst Coach
UND Women’s Hockey

Erik Fabian, the Assistant Coach of the UND Women’s Hockey Team joined MacTalk today to discuss the aftermath of the University’s decision to drop women’s hockey.

“Our athletes want to fight, so that’s what we want to do” Fabian said.  He spoke of the challenge that was in front of them “We’re here for our players.  We will fight with them and  beside them, we will do it respectfully, we’ll do it professionally and we want to get this done.  That is something that is definitely near and dear to all of us here. We always talk about being a family, once a family always a family.  We will never end the fight.”

His message for UND Hockey fans is simple, sign our petition.

UND ECONOMIST DAVID FLYNN: Economic Diversity, Manufacturing, the Middle Class and Mixed Used Development Downtown

David Flynn
Dept of Economics & Finance
Chair & Professor

Professor David Flynn, the Chair of UND’s Economics & Finance Department joined MacTalk and Mike McNamara, and spoke of his concern for economic diversity in the region “essentially, a lot of the eggs are in a very few baskets, petroleum and the businesses that support it and ag and the businesses that support it.”  Flynn believes that the region ought to move in the direction of software application development because of the abundance of talent in local universities and the huge financial upside that is resident in software development.

Flynn went on to discuss topics in the news such as the changing face of manufacturing, “the financial sector contributes more to the nation’s GDP than manufacturing does currently” and further, “it won’t be your grandfather’s factory.”  He’s not optimistic.

The middle class is also a concern for the the UND Economist, “The existence of the middle class is something we have to have an extended discussion about, I think at some level it is threatened. I just don’t think the protectionist policies we’re talking about, for the industries we’re talking about, now are a ticket back to a growing, flourishing middle class.  Automation, computer system driven manufacturing are what really rule the day in the larger scale type manufacturing” (cars,  machinery), which simply won’t employ large numbers he concluded.

Flynn believes the Federal Government has a role in sustaining the middle class of the nation “I don’t think we can sit there and say ‘you’ll have a lifetime guarantee in a good paying sector that you can hand of to your child.’ Economies change, people change, we need to adapt to that change.”

Downtown Grand Forks is also a bit of a tricky issue to Flynn, “the economic argument for commercial vibrancy downtown is hard to make, given where retail relocated.”  His solution? “Idiosyncratic shops, not larger scale retail, and you probably need to develop a mixed use of space with retail, service and loft space.”  When asked about residential space leading other development downtown, as it has done in many downtown districts as they’ve redeveloped Flynn responded “I think that is the kind of thing you would be looking at.”

Always interesting.

AMERICAN POLITICS WITH MARK JENDRYSIK: Trump, Compromising is Dead and Campaign Finance Reform

Mark Jendrysik
Professor of Pol Sci
University of North Dakota

Mark Jendrysik talks about the interesting time it is to be teaching Political Science at the University of North Dakota.  Mark and I discuss:

1. Will the President last his full term?

2. The political problems of the Affordable Care Act?

3. Why is compromise in Congress dead?

4. Does the media share any of the blame for creating this situation?

5. “Sequestration,” is it a symptom of a “sick” symptoms?

6. Campaign Finance Reform,  do we need it?  Can it help free our elected officials to “do the right thing?”

An interesting discussion to say the least!